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Uninsured self pay information

We have usual and customary rates for all services provided. If you are uninsured (do not have private insurance or IL public aid) we are able to offer a global uninsured fee for abortion care for our self pay patients. This means you will pay one fee for all of the care you receive, there are no extra charges or fees.

Please do not delay your care if you are having a hard time with the fee. There is help available. If you are an Illinois resident facing financial hardship, Illinois Medicaid covers abortion care. Pregnant patients may be eligible for the Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility Program, which helps patients get medical coverage the same day that they apply.

The global uninsured (self pay) fee for abortion care includes pregnancy testing , admitting, pre-operative history and physical, ultrasound, lab work, the abortion procedure or medications used to induce an abortion, RhoGAM or MicRhoGAM (if required), medications given on the day of the procedure and post-procedure medications and your post-operative care as authorized by our medical staff.

Fees for gynecological and birth control visits vary depending on what services and testing is provided. We strive to keep fees for these services affordable but they are dependent on external costs from our lab and medical supply companies.