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Pregnancy termination

Having an unplanned pregnancy is a complicated dilemma that millions of American women find themselves facing each year. About 40% of women choose to terminate an unplanned pregnancy with either a medication or surgical abortion, and it’s estimated that 30% of women in the United States will have an abortion by the time they’re 45 years old. The physicians at Access Health Care in Downers Grove, Illinois strive to provide a supportive and caring environment for women who are considering abortion. If you’re in the greater Chicagoland area, call or request your appointment online today.

Pregnancy Termination Q & A

Why Do Women Decide to Have an Abortion?

Unintended pregnancy is a common occurrence that many women have experienced at some point in their lives. When you aren’t planning to have a child but you become pregnant, you have three options: You can choose to have the baby, give the baby up for adoption, or terminate your pregnancy.

In most cases, the choice to have an abortion is a difficult one. The team at Access Health Center is committed to providing good information as well as mental and emotional support to help you make the decision that’s best for your personal health and well-being.

You may be thinking about terminating a pregnancy if:

You’re not ready to be a parent yet or don’t want to become a parent at all
You’re not in a relationship with someone with whom you want to have a family
You want to finish school, focus on your career, or achieve other goals before starting a family
You want to be the best possible parent to the children you already have
You’re in an abusive relationship or the pregnancy is a result of sexual assault
A pregnancy would be bad for your health

Although all women have their own reasons for choosing to terminate a pregnancy, it’s important to remember that the decision to have an abortion is personal, and you’re the only one who can make that decision.

What are My Options?

Access Health Center offers two basic types of abortion to terminate a pregnancy:

Medication Abortion: Also known as non-surgical abortion, this method uses two different medications — mifepristone and misoprostol — to terminate a pregnancy that’s within the first ten weeks of the first trimester, as determined by ultrasound. A medication abortion allows you to experience the process in the comfort of your own home, either with a support person or on your own.
Surgical Abortion: Also known as an in-clinic abortion, this method a safe and effective medical procedure that terminates pregnancy by dilating your cervix and using gentle suction to remove a pregnancy from your uterus. A surgical abortion can be used to terminate a pregnancy that’s between five and 16 weeks gestation, as determined by an ultrasound.

When Do I Have to Make a Decision?

First and foremost, it’s important that you take the time you need to make the best decision for you. You should carefully consider your personal beliefs, family, relationships, life goals, and health before you decide whether to have an abortion.

During this time, it’s a good idea to talk to a nurse or doctor so you can get the medical care you need to stay healthy. If you do opt to terminate your pregnancy, you should do it as early as possible. You can’t have an abortion past 16 weeks of pregnancy, as determined by an ultrasound.

The team at Access Health Center is always available to provide expert medical care and support, no matter what decision you make.