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Surgical Abortion

At Access Health Center, we offer a Surgical Abortion (D&C) up to 17.5 weeks in gestation as determined by ultrasound. All our procedures are completed by a licensed physician in a state of the art facility.

Access Health Center is a member of Illinois Abortion Clinics and offers the option to terminate pregnancy from 5 weeks to 17.5 weeks (17 weeks 3 days) in gestation

First Trimester Surgical Abortion

Patients pregnant up to 12 weeks are in their First Trimester of gestation. The standard procedure for this type of surgical abortion is vacuum aspiration or suction curettage, also sometimes referred to as a D&C. This a short procedure without an incision. The patient will be under twilight anesthesia during this procedure.

Second Trimester Surgical Abortion

A patient who is 12 to 17.3 weeks (17 weeks 3 days) gestation as determined by ultrasound is considered to be in the Second Trimester. The surgical abortion procedure for a second trimester abortion is done in two steps and on two separate days. This time is necessary to prepare the body for the second trimester procedure. Twilight anesthesia is recommended for this procedure.

Surgical abortion is 99% effective; less than 1% of patients will require a re-aspiration. Women can feel secure being under direct medical supervision during the abortion process.

Among the safest surgical procedures in the United States, a surgical abortion is performed by gradually dilating the cervix and then removing the contents of the uterus with a gentle suction. Before the procedure, we guide you through the process and gladly answer any questions you may have along the way. We also provide ample time for recovery, allowing you to return to most normal activities the next day.

Standard Procedural Day for a surgical abortion:

• Registration including completion of medical history and consent forms
Ultrasound to determine gestation
• Lab work to get vital signs and to draw blood for anemia level and Rh factor
• Counseling to assist in completing medical forms. Discuss procedure and to answer patient questions
• Surgery with twilight anesthesia
• Recovery period

We accept most insurance plans and our insurance department would be pleased to assist you with your insurance coverage questions. Talk to us to see how we can help you through the process.

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Access Health Center is a proud member of Illinois Abortion Clinics.